The Brazilian Senate is discussing a Bill of Law named Brazilian Law on the Liberty,  Responsibility and Transparence at the Internet.

We are against such Bill of Law because it imposes censorship on the freedom of opinion and speech.

One may simply ask this question: Who will decide whether a news is or it not a fake news? Who will be the censor?

Additionaly, how can the individual or the corporate conductor be deemed liable for the content of the news item that he, she or it merely relays on behalf of his, hers or its client?

One knows that there is no hypothesis of solidarity  nor of liability therein for acts or omissions of any third party. Nor of joint liability.

Comparatively,  how can a taxi driver  be deemed liable for the opinions expressed for their passengers? No, he may not!

The internet is a free territory. For good, or for bad.

The digital platforms which make the posting of messages possible among internauts are the taxis which conduct them. No more, no less than this.

Imposing on such platforms restrictive measures on the circulation of opinions under the penalties of the law is equivalent to transforming such platforms into legalized censors. What is not addmitted under the Brazilian Constitution, considering the fact that censorship whether previous or “a posteriore” is not compatible with the  Democratic State of Law.

There is a saying that the hell is full of good intentions.

So, one must repell this Bill of Law which would hinder the right of free speech via the internet.